About Us

  • Alyson Duffey – Executive Director
Board of Trustees
  • Diane Murphy – Chair / Semi-Retired
  • Eric Washburn – Vice Chair / President, Windward Strategies
  • Zuza Bohley – Deputy Director, Americas for Conservation + the Arts
  • Dr. Joanna Lambert – Faculty, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Director, Wildlife & Humans Lab – University of Colorado – Boulder
  • Inga Juzysta – Owner, Always Best Care Senior Services

Ex-Officio Board of Trustees
  • Jennelle Freeston – Interim Deputy Director of Community Connections & Partnerships – City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks
  • Jeff Haley – Deputy Director, Trails & Facilities / City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks
  • Dan Burke – Director / City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

  • Grant Besser – President, Community Health Foundation
  • Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II – Founder, Thorne Nature Experience
  • Richard Pritzlaff – Founder & Chair, Biophilia Foundation
  • Dana Watts – Executive Director, Leave No Trace


Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) is a city department, funded by sales tax, why does OSMP need additional financial support?

Boulder residents continuously support OSMP through a dedicated funding stream of sales tax dollars which provides the programs enjoyed by the residents and visitors such as trails, recreation, education opportunities, ecological services, agriculture and Ranger services.  Each year during budget decisions, trade-offs and prioritization happen as the projected needs surpass the available budget and resources to meet the community goals outlined within the OSMP department master plan.  Many projects or programs must be deferred due to changes in revenue, or unplanned extreme weather events impacting infrastructure and land management such as wildfires and floods.  Additionally, the department carries a backlog of maintenance on land management needs and infrastructure repair that continues to grow due to increased visitation and lifecycle maintenance needs.  The donations provided through BOSC allow the staff to complete critical projects that would otherwise go unfunded or deferred until future years, sometimes impacting the visitor experience or quality of land management. 

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used to fund many important projects related to three key themes of connecting youth with nature, re-wilding our public lands and supporting infrastructure associated with responsible recreation such as trails and other recreation areas.  Just looking at the example of trails alone, OSMP sees over 5 million visits each year, which is more than Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone NP, and has a current maintenance backlog of around $30M to $40M worth of repairs and maintenance that is needed on the 150 miles of trails throughout the system.  With only about $10M that is available each year to fund all the trails maintenance and operations, it’s difficult to get ahead on the work and proactively manage the system. 

As example in 2022, BOSC was able to provide approximately 42K in funding to the Mt. Sanitas trails project that allowed the department to proactively make repairs to the trails that see over 350K visits each season.  This provided additional funding to make critical repairs to ensure the trail is safe and pleasing to the visitors and residents surrounding the area.

Where Can I Look at Boulder Open Space Conservancy's Financial Records?

Boulder Open Space Conservancy’s financial records are located on our Colorado Gives public profile: https://www.coloradogives.org/organization/BoulderOpenSpaceConservancy