City Receives $1.1 Million Grant For Trail Improvements on Mount Sanitas!

Boulder Open Space Conservancy is proud to be the non-profit partner of City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department through this endeavor. We are excited to continue raising awareness of and generating support from visitors and citizens in Boulder. We hope you will be inspired to join the legacy and give back to these special places we all utilize and love. You can take action by sharing the news, making a gift of donation, and volunteering on the trails with your company!

“For the past three years, BOSC has focused on increasing awareness for how special Mount Sanitas is, fostering volunteer group opportunities to support the Mount Sanitas Trail and raising more than $100,000 to support area trail and ecological restoration,” said Alyson Duffey, BOSC executive director. “This grant is a major boost for our partnership with Open Space and Mountain Parks, and we will continue to inspire the community and visitors to join the collective stewardship of one of Boulder’s most beloved, iconic areas.”

To read the full press release written by Phillip Yates, City of Boulder Media Relations on May 16, 2024, click here.