Help Restore Mount Sanitas! Make Your Gift Today!

Mount Sanitas is one of the most popular trail systems in Boulder County and has over 118,000 visits each year. Since 2016, there has been a dedicated push by OSMP to work on small, discrete projects every year on the Mount Sanitas trail to improve the visitor experience, minimize erosion, and protect the trail in its current, legacy alignment.  Over 15,000 hours have been spent hauling material, building structures, and repairing tread since 2016. Since the pandemic, use has increased and will continue to be a popular trail system for years to come.

The raw materials, tools, equipment, and crews are costly. While there are timber steps and retaining walls on the trail, building with stone is more durable and long-lasting.  However, building with stone is time-consuming.  As much as 75% of the time a crew  works on a project is spent gathering, shaping, and moving material to the worksite.  In 2019, the OSMP and youth corps moved over 50 tons of stone by hand over an average distance of 200 feet to repair a little under 100 feet of tread!

We go to Mt. Sanitas for respite and to improve our well-being. Now it’s time to give back! Be a part of Boulder’s natural legacy and make a donation today to help restore Mt. Sanitas.

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Thank you for joining us in protecting and preserving Boulder’s greatest asset: our open space, ensuring vibrant and healthy public land and community forever.