We Have a Match! Help Us Raise $10,000 As We Head Into Summer!

Last week, Boulder Open Space Conservancy kicked off our Summer Mount Sanitas Restoration Fundraising Campaign with a Garden Party to raise funds for the project. We are thrilled to announce a $5,000 matching gift from an anonymous donor to kickstart this fundraising campaign! Since then, we have raised $3,900! Click Here to help meet our match!

We had a very special guest that evening, Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II, who with Ruth Wright and other land protection pioneers, was instrumental in taking grassroots action in Boulder to pass the Greenbelt Sales Tax in 1967 that would protect Enchanted Mesa, Table Mesa, and create our current open space protection program.

Oak might have never imagined he would be 93 years old still fighting for the preservation and restoration of Boulder’s most loved backyard gems. How fortunate we are to be able to thank Boulder’s public land pioneers 55 years after they fought to preserve our incredible open spaces! I know you are with me in the immense gratitude we feel for Oak, Ruth Wright, and all the people who actively protected these lands from development.

Now, 55 years later, it is our turn to step up and take action as stewards of Boulder’s incredible public lands we all love. We hope you will consider joining us in making a generous gift to Boulder Open Space Conservancy’s Mount Sanitas Restoration campaign now while we have the $5,000 matching gift. Can we count on you to support Mount Sanitas?

Click Here to make a gift to support the Mount Sanitas Trail Restoration Campaign!

Last Friday, the Boulder Open Space Conservancy Board of Trustees approved a new Strategic Plan that focuses on projects to serve Boulder’s climate resilience goals. Projects we plan to be working on in partnership with City of Boulder OSMP in the next 2-3 years include Marshall Fire Interpretive Trail, Climate Action Project in partnership with Growing Up Boulder and Columbine Elementary, and Chautauqua Upgrade Project including a Climate Resilience Interpretive Center. These can all be possible thanks to your generous care and support!

Click Here to make a gift to support your Boulder Open Space Conservancy!

Here is how you can be an active steward of Mount Sanitas:

* Facilitate your company in making a generous gift of donation to Boulder Open Space Conservancy
* Match your personal gift to BOSC with a donation from your company
* Organize a company/group volunteer event on open space land
* Save the Date! Attend Full Moon Jazz on 10/9!

We hope you will consider engaging in active stewardship and support of Mount Sanitas and our public lands. Not just for your benefit, but for “our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren.”