Your Donations At Work On Mount Sanitas! BOSC Helicopter Day!

Your contributions to BOSC were put to action hauling tons of stone to the Sanitas Trail restoration area. Click Here to watch a short video clip on the BOSC Facebook page. Your gift of donations and sponsorship dollars made the helicopter project day happen on Sanitas! During the course of about 4 hours or so, 85 FIBC’s of stone was transported to the Mount Sanitas Trail to be staged for restoration work at a later date. Thank you for your support and stewardship of our trails! We could not have accomplished this without you.

Thanks to Boulder Reporting Lab for this interesting article that takes a look at the challenges of maintaining Boulder’s “legacy” trails due to their poor design that dates back to 100+ years ago! Click Here to read the full article.

To make a donation to support BOSC’s Mount Sanitas Trail restoration campaign, click here and please share our work with others.